Mike Pedersen

- 18 Years
+254 (722) 682 682
Personal Info

M y passion is for the intersection between business and IT. In particular business processes and operations, and for improving these through the clever application of IT. Thinking through process mapping and optimization is my strong suit.

As a manager my main focus is on innovation, collaboration, employee retention, and training. My approach is that of mentorship where I try to empower the individual employee to excellence through mentoring and instilling a learning culture.

As a business leader in both Finance and Engineering, my strength is more in detail orientation and documentation. Building scalable tech operations is my strength. I am the introvert that really enjoys spending hours and hours on the details that will streamline a given process.

Through my activities in East Africa I have gained a great understanding about how the East African society works, and especially how SME’s, and therefore the people and their financials in the region.

  • Financial Management
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Architecture
  • Team Dynamics
  • Copenhagen Business School – Masters in Business Administration

  • Københavns Universitet – University of Copenhagen – Bachelors Computer science

Professional Experience

Mike Pedersen has a unique ability to analyze a problem in details and cover al possible caveats in a design. Michael works a lot to understand the customers domain and pushes the boundaries for the ones own understanding of ones product.

As a previous startup founder himself with 13 years focusing on technology-for-finance, Tribbe offers the complexities of African transactional behavior and the intricacy of the close knit relationships mainly found on the continent together into a single product. The opportunity Mike has to leverage his duality in Finance and Technology for consumers  has placed him in the intersection of technology and the culture of money in Africa.

In Pluspeople, the company he founded, Mike and his team focused on improving SME’s effeciency and professionalism though modern IT-solutions by offering MIS/ERP’s though a cloud based model. Their main product was a cloud based accounting package developed specifically for the legislation and the workflows in East Africa that offered great effeciency improvements for small and medium companies.
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