Mike Pedersen

Personal Info

M y passion is for the intersection between business and IT. In particular business processes and operations, and for improving these through the clever application of IT. Thinking through process mapping and optimization is my strong suit.

As a manager my main focus is on innovation, collaboration, employee retention, and training. My approach is that of mentorship where I try to empower the individual employee to excellence through mentoring and instilling a learning culture.

As a business leader in both Finance and Engineering, my strength is more in detail orientation and documentation. Building scalable tech operations is my strength. I am the introvert that really enjoys spending hours and hours on the details that will streamline a given process.

Through my activities in East Africa I have gained a great understanding about how the East African society works, and especially how SME’s, and therefore the people and their financials in the region.

  • Financial Management
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Architecture
  • Team Dynamics
  • Copenhagen Business School – Masters in Business Administration

  • Københavns Universitet – University of Copenhagen – Bachelors Computer science

Professional Experience

Mike Pedersen has a unique ability to analyze a problem in details and cover al possible caveats in a design. Michael works a lot to understand the customers domain and pushes the boundaries for the ones own understanding of ones product.

As a previous startup founder himself with 13 years focusing on technology-for-finance, Tribbe offers the complexities of African transactional behavior and the intricacy of the close knit relationships mainly found on the continent together into a single product. The opportunity Mike has to leverage his duality in Finance and Technology for consumers  has placed him in the intersection of technology and the culture of money in Africa.

In Pluspeople, the company he founded, Mike and his team focused on improving SME’s effeciency and professionalism though modern IT-solutions by offering MIS/ERP’s though a cloud based model. Their main product was a cloud based accounting package developed specifically for the legislation and the workflows in East Africa that offered great effeciency improvements for small and medium companies.
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    Dr. Oscar Githua

    Personal Info

    W hat are the best tools for credit rating and and digital trust scoring today? Forensic Psychologist and Forensic Systems . I am a consultant with extensive professional experience both locally and internationally providing cutting edge Evidence- Based Interventions in a variety of settings, including in non-governmental organizations, government agencies and in private establishments.

    I have intimate knowledge of working within the largest organized Criminal Justice System in the world, and have interacted in a professional capacity with Law Enforcement, Detention, Judicial and Correctional Agencies. I have been involved in designing and implementing first-of-their-kind Forensic Treatment Programs that are now utilized by both governmental and private agencies.

    I have presented my original research at international professional conferences, trained officers of the largest Probation Department in the world, and spoken to numerous audiences on various Humanitarian, Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Forensic System issues.

    • Law Enforcement
    • Regulatory Frameworks
    • Forensics
    • Group Dynamics
    • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
    • Post Doctoral Fellowship

    • Doctor of Psychology – Forensics
    • MA – Counseling Psychology
    • BA – Psychology and International Relations
    Professional Experience

    Dr. Oscar is a Consultant Forensic Psychologist with over 20 years of professional experience in Applied Behavioral Sciences. He is the Chair of the Kenya Psychological Association and a member of the National Taskforce on Mental Health in Kenya. He has designed and implemented cutting-edge and evidence-based Behavioral Interventions in Kenya and the United States of America over the span of his professional career.

    He is notable for his work as a Leader responding to Terror Attacks in Kenya, designing and providing Trauma and Psychosocial Interventions to the affected people. He has also been instrumental in leveraging technology to provide mental health and psychological services to frontline workers and underserved communities in Kenya during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

    He was awarded as one of the Top 40 under 40 Men in Kenya for 2014/2015, for his contribution in the field of Psychology in Kenya, as well as for being the first Forensic Psychologist in East and Central Africa.

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      Bob Otiende

      Personal Info

      What is a pilot doing at a Fintech company you might ask? COVID taught me, and my sector in general, a lot of things. Diversification of thought and skill sets was one thing, but the power of community had to be the other. As a young person (28) I got to learn that the Africans my age are building what they need, to be anything they want. Being the youngest continent on the planet, 60% of the population is under 25 years old with a median age of 19.7, Africa’s future is her young people. They are innovative, daring and are slowly but surely making their mark know and presence felt on various global stages. Equitable resource distribution is the missing link. The resources are largely available for the most part, but we need a way to share them amongst ourselves. Peer-to-peer lending is building on who we are to energize what we want. Tribbe, for me, is that energy in motion.

      Professional Experience

      Otiende Bob is an airline pilot flying for the Kenyan National Carrier – Kenya Airways, joining as one of the youngest pilots they had. In his 10 year career, he rose up the ranks to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

      Beyond the technical skills required to execute his role as a pilot, planning for and executing a flight safely & efficiently relied on people management skills to synergies people capital in the achievement of a common goal which he is impeccable at.

      Bob is also a dedicated Toastmaster, having served in varies leadership roles, the latest being as president of his club. Through the various leadership roles, he has learned to manage and lead diverse teams.

      Bob has participated in executive training by Havard Business School, Michigan University and YC Startup School just to name a few.

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        Tonee Ndungu

        What I believe

        What do I believe when it comes to finance and the potential it has for Africa? It’s everything. I believe we are our own biggest resource. Never mind that we have been that for the world for generations. So we do this knowing we are the answer to many, if not most, of our challenges. All we are, and should be for ourselves, is communal opportunity. Tribbe is about bringing the sentiment of support into formal function and lifting the conversation of what is possible into what is actual. Capitalism can work with a few amendments. We are here to make credit work for Africa, by Africans.

        Assorted Press
        Various Awards
        • King Baudouin Africa Development Prize
        • GSMA Mobile Technology Award
        • Africa Entrepreneurship Award
        • Citi Mobile Challenge
        • Africa Business Heros – Top 20
        Professional Experience

        Tonee Ndungu is a serial entrepreneur with 16 years in technology companies. Tonee founded the NAILAB in 2009 with Bart Lacroix, raising its first international round of funding of € 5.5 million before leaving the Incubator in 2011 to Sam Gichuru. In 2012, he went on to start Kytabu, an education technology company that provides access to affordable and relevant hyper-localized digital content for Kenyan educators and students. Kytabu is currently serving thousands of children and educators in Kenya and is scaling into the larger continent through partnerships with UNICEF and Mastercard Foundation.

        A double degree holder in International Relations and Journalism with a Masters in Organizational Development, Tonee has championed entrepreneurship and business-driven interventions for social challenges for the last decade. He is a community builder and a big driver of positive credit deployment for financial growth.

        He is an Eisenhower fellow, spoken at Engage and various TEDx Talks, is a supporter of Dyslexia organizations being one himself and is an avid adventurer.

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