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This is how to ‘Tribbe it’.
Tracking the loans I give to family, friends and colleagues would help because a lot of us lack a social safety net for an illnesses, bills or an unexpected emergency. Being able to know I can get the debt back helps me give more and worry less about myself.

Jennifer M

Tribbe gives you a credit score for every user on the app that you can use to determine if you should lend and how much to give.

Lending on Tribbe provides a sure and affordable way for those close to you to access money at a low or zero interest rate when they are in need. This keeps you from giving a person more than they can afford to pay back and straining your relationship but making sure they have something to fall on when in trouble.

I was on the receiving end of credit from my friends when we were expecting that I paid back. I love that I can return the favor and not have to make it awkward to ask for it back. That would be a real save!

Maurice O

Borrowing on Tribbe is as easy as sending a request to your circles. The people you choose, get to see your request. Based on your credit score and the availability of funds, you get your money. When you “Tribbe it!”, you are committing to paying the money back.

We all need credit at some point. We just don't have to give up our dignity first. It should never be like that.

Asemuth A

I can pay back all my debts. That's for sure. I may not keep to the timelines, but I can definitely pay them back. I shouldn't be punished for that.

Mohammed F

In Tribbe, we safeguard borrowers by first providing all our users with a credit score to help them understand where their borrowing amounts should be. Then we encourage manageable borrowing rates and better repayment terms and timelines. This keeps our borrowers from making hurried decisions that they later regret.

I would do more trips, events, and activities if we could arrange our finances simultaneously. It would motivate me. I love the idea that we can save as a group.

Tenna T

When planning to go visit the grandparents, or take a holiday weekend someplace with your friends, planning the finances for the trip can be a headache. Tribbe helps groups plan such trips by creating a Cash-Calabash – a group saving tool that has group targets, individual targets, and tracking and rewards to help you hit those goals.

Every user in the group can set their weekly, monthly, or periodical savings goals. Tribbe will help you get there with fun prompts, gamification targets and achievement badges. Tribbe will also keep you aware of the groups’ targets and progress towards the set goal. So the next time you would like to go see grandpa, you are all able to bring him that sack of rice.

The number of times we have had to use a pen and paper for all these fundraisers and group cost is ridiculous. It's 2021. Finally we can have something easy to use and everyone can see our progress. Awesome

Akiwomi M

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Create your Tribbe.
Grow your Community.

Planning a big buy? Save on Tribbe.

Do you have a big purchase you would like to make individually or as a group? You can create a Cash-Calabash™ on Tribbe and hit those targets easier.

Planning a trip? Let's go.

When planning a group trip or activity that costs money, Tribbe will help you set targets and hit them with ease. Break the funds into manageable timelines and lock them in Tribbe.

Build a cash positive community.

By planning, budgeting and saving up, Tribbe helps you build a cash positive lifestyle and cash positive community around you.

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