Lend, Borrow & Save.
For Family & Friends.

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It doesn’t have to be awkward.

Tribbe makes it easier to loan money to family and friends. Using a social credit score, automatic reminders, payment tracking, and digital tokens to good borrowers, you can loan money responsibly and build your Tribbe.

For Lenders

Lend money better using our social credit score and let us worry about reminders, repayment incentives and rewarding good borrower behavior.

For Borrowers

A safe space to borrow from people you trust, without predatory terms with flexible rates and repayments timelines that work for you.
Build a Tribbe.
All over Africa.
Our credit score and smart contracts help with trust. If you do lend, Tribbe incentivises a timely reimbursements while removing the hassle of having to ask for your money yourself.
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You can lend your circles interest free loans, or add interest of 1% - 10% and make some money from your generosity. Have your money work for you.
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By lending, you build your credit score. So when you need to borrow, you can get more money, from more people, at a lower interest rate.
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We all need credit. So why not get it from people that trust you and have your best interests at heart. Your privacy stays secure and your repayment terms to your circles are flexible.
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Borrow from your social circles in place of one person. This helps you achieve your financial goals faster and lessens the burden on a single person you care about.
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By borrowing and paying back regularly, you increase your credit score and open up opportunities for yourself to borrow more and lend more, growing your network and net-worth.
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Are you planning a trip, holiday or event with your circles? Set financial targets as a group and use Tribbe to help you and your circle to hit those targets in a timely and fun manner.
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Investing alone can be expensive. Coming together with your family, colleagues or circle of friends to pool your money into an investment is clever and easier on the pocket.
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Most people are one tragedy away from financial ruin. With Tribbe, you can create an emergency fund with your circles, so if something does come up, you have a back-up plan.
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Learn to use Tribbe
in a few minutes.

Create your account

Download Tribbe™ on Android or iOS and create your account and username.

Create your Tribbe™ circles

Create groups called Circles and put your friends, family and colleagues into these circles.

Create Circle rules

Add specific rules to each circle: credit limits, borrowing permissions, your visibility, interest rate caps etc.

Lend and borrow.

You can request a loan from your circles and see requests from those in your circles for a loan.

Create a Cash-Calabash™

A Cash-Calabash™ is a group savings circle you can invite people into to pool money together for anything.

Tribbe™ Credit Score

In Tribbe™, a user's credit score is their trust metric. Keep it high to get access to more perks.
Join a community.
Grow your Tribbe!

Multi-currency platform

It does not matter where you are in Africa, Tribbe™ is working to serve you.

From Africa to the world

Tribbe™ is building a community in Africa while planning to go worldwide.

Always affordable and instant

Tribbe™ has a 4% transaction fee. No hidden cost. No FX rate hikes. Simple.

No Fx costs

None. We keep it simple.

Mobile first

Convenient and quick.

Privacy & Security

At Tribbe™ we stay loyal.
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Your net-work is
your net-worth

We all need a community that seeks mutually beneficial financial relationships, and your social circles can be the best sources support.  Tribbe™ grows your net worth by building financial trust relationships in your network. All around the continent, the culture of building communities around financial goals has lifted individuals and communities for decades. Tribbe™ is here to make it the norm across Africa.

Get in line for Tribbe™

At Tribbe™, we are working to release our mobile app to the public in 2022. Add your email to our waiting list and we will be sure to notify you when our app is ready. Click the icons below to add yourself to the notifications list.